RAF Escape & Evasion Maps with Pouch

RAF Escape & Evasion Maps with Pouch

Code: 230321


A rare pairing of 43C/D and 43C/E Escape and Evasion maps.

43C/D is a a double sided colour silk/rayon map of dimensions 75 x 70cm approx. 1 : 1000,000. 43C Covers large areas of Holland, Belgium, France,Germany and Switzerland.43D covers South Eastern France, S.W Germany and Switzerland.

43C/E is, again, on the 'C' side Holland, Belgium, France,Germany and Switzerland. The 'E' sheet covers parts of Germany, Slovakia, Poland & Hungary. 

Both maps have raw, unhemmed edges and they have been folded. Both are in very good, used condition, with light wear along the folds. 

The map pouch is labelled 'MAPS ONLY' and has been opened acros the top, cutting through the letters C/D. The letters C/E are faint, but visible. 

Overall a very nice, rare set which would be a fine addition to any RAF, SOE or escape and evasion collection.