RAF Mk1A Flying Helmet and Oxygen Mask

RAF Mk1A Flying Helmet and Oxygen Mask

Code: 221202


A 1959-dated RAF Mk1A Flying Helmet, complete with cloth inner helmet and oxygen mask. The Mk1A helmet is marked with Stores Reference 22C/1524 and dated 1959. The helmet itself is in good condition overall with scuffs and wear associated with age and use. Union Jack stickers have been applied to the sides of the helmet, but as to when this was done is uncertain. The visor is in good condition and is complete with its cloth protector.  

The helmet comes with a cloth inner helmet marked with Stores Reference 22C/1731. This is also dated 1959. The cloth helmet is in good condition, again with wear associated with age and use. The owner's name has been written on the ear pads. 

The set up is completed with an 1952-dated A13A Oxygen mask. This is in fair condition - the rubber is still supple. However, the rubber is a little cracked around the microphone and the rubber strap loops are a little fragile. Unfortunately the mask hose is not present. 

All in all a very nice, complete, early Jet Age flying helmet set up. Would look super on display with a photo of a Hawker Hunter. Or a real one!