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With 30 years collecting experience focusing on World War 2 USAAF and US Army uniforms, field gear, insignia and headgear. Being based in East Anglia has certainly been an inspiration, particularly with the region’s involvement with the US 8th Air Force.

As time has progressed, our interests have widened into the D-Day Overlord Landings in Normandy. Visiting the Normandy invasion area many times has gradually shifted the collecting passioninto World War 2 RAF and British and US Airborne items.

With a growing collection and an increasing obsession, Harris Militaria was born!

The website holds a diverse stock from the First World War up to the Present Day.

We specialise in Allied militaria – this relating to the Allies of World War 2.

Items are all original unless stated otherwise. You will find items to suit all budgets and we strive to find good quality items that would be happy in any collection. Items are described accurately and supported by quality photos. If you need another photo from a different angle etc. just let me know. My aim is that you’ll receive exactly what you expect. 

The world of collecting militaria is one of the most interesting, diverse and exciting. There is always something new to learn or research and it’s a good window into history. 

If you see something that you’re interested in, you can either buy immediately (don’t let it get away!) or please contact me with any queries. 

Harris Militaria is always looking for items to buy so if you have something that might be of interest let me know.

Being a collector, we're always looking for Normandy-related and USAAF 467th Bomb Group (H) items.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Harris Militaria 

About Us