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Army Cyclist Corps Cap Badge

The formation of the Army Cyclist Corps was authorised on 7 November 1914.
The primary roles of the cyclists were reconnaissance and communications. They would also operate as conventional infantry when required.
It was disbanded in 1920.

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WW1 Guards Machine Gun Regiment Cap Badge

Increasingly rare badge.

In overall good condition with some surface wear.

Code: 50087

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WW1 Suffolk Regiment Cap Badge

In sound condition.

Slider has been bent to fit around something round, perhaps a walking stick?

Code: 50306

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WW1 Silver Wound Badge

In Good condition.

With the number


Code: 50193

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WW1 Irish Fusiliers Shoulder Title

Maker marked as Gaunt. This is a two-piece construction with lugs to the reverse.In overall sound condition.

Code: 50181

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WW1 RASC Shoulder Brass Title

Royal Army Service Corps brass Shoulder Title. In good, used condition.

Code: 50140

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WW1 Grenadier Guards cap badge

In generally good, used condition. One of the lugs is slightly bent.

Code: 50111

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WW1 Royal Fusiliers Cap Badge

In generally good condition. Slider is bent from use.

Code: 50110

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WW1 Grenadier Guards Shoulder Title

In good condition. Mounted upside down on the backing plate.

Code: 50109

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18th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Flash

Neat example of a WW1 18th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry sleeve flash.

Has a celotaped label on the back.

Code: 50032

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