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RAF Navigator Brevet

A lovely clean example of a lightly padded wartime issue RAF Navigator half wing brevet.

A little wear from use, but otherwise very sound.

Code: 50075

35.00 GBP

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RAF Grouping to Flying Officer

Unresearched group to a Flying Officer

Consisting of:

RAF Officer's cap badge. With King's Crown. In good condition. Likely unused.

1939-45 Star
France and Germany Star
Defence Medal
War Medal

Ribbon bar

Miniature medals

RAF discharge book.

Code: 50086

110.00 GBP

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RAF Warrant Officer Patch

Lovely example. Slightly curled from storage.

Code: 50100

10.00 GBP

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WW2 RAF Pilots Wings Padded Type

Beautiful Royal Air Force Pilot wings. Original Wartime example.

Padded type. Have been removed from a uniform. There is slight wear to the wing tips, but example of an original period example.

Code: 50151

75.00 GBP

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WW2 RAF Pair of Lance Corporal Stripes

Good condition. Removed from a uniform.

Code: 50191

10.00 GBP

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WW2 USAAF Technical Observer Wing in Bullion

Lovely example of this rare wing in bullion.

Technical Observer was originally designed for use by co-pilots, navigators and bombardiers until specific wings were designed.

In excellent condition with some wear to the backing.

Code: 50205

40.00 GBP

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WWII U.S.Army Para Glider Troops Enlisted Garrison Cap Badge

Nice used example of an Enlisted Garrison Cap Combined Para-Glider badge.

These were mandatory wear in the 82nd Airborne from March 1943.

Code: 50234

25.00 GBP

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Army Cyclist Corps Cap Badge

The formation of the Army Cyclist Corps was authorised on 7 November 1914.
The primary roles of the cyclists were reconnaissance and communications. They would also operate as conventional infantry when required.
It was disbanded in 1920.

Code: 50249

18.00 GBP

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Post-War RAF Wing Commander Dress Shoulder board

Nice example of a Wing Commander dress Shoulder board.

Early post-1952 example with Queen's crown.

Good condition minus the button.

Code: 50255

12.00 GBP

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Post-War RAF Flying Officer Dress Shoulder board

In good condition overall. Nice patina to the bullion work.

Code: 50261

10.00 GBP

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